At Fun City Dogs, we take care to provide our customers with high-quality services personalized to their unique needs. We are staffed to take care of your dog 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our staff members are professional and well-trained.

Read on to learn more about our super-fun daycare service and our slumber party style, free roam dog boarding in Minneapolis. Both of these will have your dog begging to come back for more!

White dog relaxes in the pool outside in the play area
white dog in a pool
group of dogs in daycare. One dog is raising his hand.
2 dogs relax on a blanket inside
Multi color dog closeup outside


Don’t send your buddy to a kennel (jail) while you’re on vacation. Instead, let them be cared for in a free roam and cage-free SUPERVISED environment. Boarding doesn’t have to be an anxious time. Our dog boarding in MPLS is a slumber party for your furry friend.

After the “daytime dogs” are picked up, we move back to the Overnight Room. This is a living room environment where each dog gets their own dog bed. They can also cuddle up with the staff. They are not kenneled while you are away. There is no extra charge to pet or play with your dog as this is happening constantly. The dogs run around together and then curl up in their own bed for the night. The overnight room is a large space that gives each dog ample room to stretch out and sleep. The dogs are supervised 24 hours per day and are never left alone. You can rest assured you’re sending your dog to a great doggy day care in Minneapolis.

The only thing you will need to bring is your dog’s food and your dog. Any dogs picked up after 11:00 AM on the last day will be charged for one day of daycare. Consider pampering your dog with a bath or brush out when you schedule your boarding appointment.

Holidays have a slight overnight increase of $5 per night to accommodate additional staffing and holiday pay. Here is a list of the holidays we continue to work to ensure your dog has a safe place to stay at our doggy daycare in Minneapolis.


MLK Weekend

President’s Day 2/20

Spring Break 3/31 to 4/9

Easter 4/9

Memorial Weekend: 5/26 to 5/29

4th of July: 7/1 to 7/4

Labor Day Weekend: 9/1 to 9/4

MEA Weekend: 10/20 to 10/22

Thanksgiving: 11/22 to 11/26

Christmas: 12/22 to 12/26

New Year: 12/30 to 1/1 


Do you have a new dog coming to Fun City Dogs? Joining Fun City Dogs is as easy as can be. Prior to your dog’s first day of daycare or boarding:

We welcome puppies who have received their second round of the Distemper/parvo vaccine and the Bordetella vaccine to start at Fun City Dogs. The Rabies vaccine is required by 16 weeks. We realize they may not be spayed or neutered until they are closer to one year old. At Fun City Dogs we believe our first responsibility is to the beloved dogs that use our services and products. Ensuring their safety is always our top priority! We will monitor every dog’s behavior to make sure they are safe and still enjoying daycare. If the dog is humping excessively, regardless of being or not being neutered, then we will discuss attendance with that owner. Dogs in heat should stay at home during their heat cycle.