How to Make a Daycare or Boarding Reservation at Fun City Dogs?

Dog socialization is an important part of your pet’s care and happiness. It is so easy to make a daycare or boarding reservation at Fun City Dogs. We do like to have advance reservations for staffing purposes. Since we do have 24 hour supervision of your dog, we need to staff appropriately. You can log […]

What Should I Bring for Boarding?

Boarding is one of our most important responsibilities. We care for your dogs while you are out of town as if they are our own pets. The biggest difference between us and other boarding facilities is that we have staff spend the night with the dogs. We do not leave the building unsupervised at night. […]

7 Essential Reasons for Dog Grooming

dog grooming

Grooming your dog is an essential part of their overall health and well-being. Here are several reasons why grooming is important for dogs: 1. Coat and Skin Health Regular grooming helps maintain a healthy coat and skin for your dog. Brushing removes dirt, debris, and dead hair from the coat, preventing tangles, matting, and skin […]

In What Circumstances Can Dog Boarding Services Be Useful?

dog boarding services

Taking care of your dog is a responsibility you take on as a pet owner. According to the American Pet Products Association, 70% of households have a pet. If you have a dog, here are some of the reasons you may want to use dog boarding services. Vacation Dogs need to eat, drink, go to […]

Advantages of Using a Dog Daycare That Opens at 6 AM

dog daycare that opens at 6 AM

Are you a pet parent struggling to figure out daycare services? You are not alone. According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, it was discovered that 70% of U.S. households own a pet. If you are a working pet parent, then you’ve probably found yourself wondering how to ensure your dog […]

Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)

Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) is circulating throughout the Twin Cities. Since CIV has not been to Minneapolis in the past, most of our dogs have not built up immunities. It is very contagious and can be picked up with any dog to dog interaction. Surfaces can retain germs from sneezing or coughing for up to […]

3 Essential Tips for Bathing Your Dog at Home

dog grooming

There is a reason why people refer to dogs as their fur babies. Let’s face it, a man’s best friend is a part of the family and sometimes feels like a child. Like little children, dogs may not always take bath time well, as any owner or dog grooming professional will tell you. The pet […]

Why Exercise Is Important for Your Dog’s Health

no cage dog boarding

As America’s human obesity problem progresses, we hear less about our canine obesity problem. According to the ASPCA, it’s estimated that 54% of dogs are overweight or obese, compared to the percentage of American adults who also are. Exercise is important for dogs just as much as it is for humans because it makes sure […]

3 Essential Dog Care Tips

According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association, 70% of U.S. households own a pet. As a pet owner, you must do your best to care for your animal. You can go as far as taking your dog to a dog day care when you are out of town […]

How Grooming Helps Your Dog Feel Their Best

dog grooming

Just like humans, dogs need regular care and attention to stay healthy and happy. According to a survey by PetSmart, 67% of dog parents know regular grooming is an important part of their dog’s health, but unfortunately many don’t realize the full extent of its benefits. Fun City Dogs offers full service grooming including baths, […]