Why Exercise Is Important for Your Dog’s Health

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As America’s human obesity problem progresses, we hear less about our canine obesity problem. According to the ASPCA, it’s estimated that 54% of dogs are overweight or obese, compared to the percentage of American adults who also are. Exercise is important for dogs just as much as it is for humans because it makes sure that they have adequate stimulation, socialization, and activity. Let’s take a look at just how important exercise is for your furry best friend.

It Fights Canine Obesity

Dogs need to be taken on a walk or played with to keep them from putting on weight. As dogs tend to be fairly small, between 20 and 80 pounds in weight (9.07 to 36.3 kilograms), every pound of additional weight has much more effect on their health than it would on their human companions. If you don’t have a ton of time to go on walks with your dog, then you can bring them to a no cage dog boarding facility where they can get the proper exercise they need during the day.  Fun City Dogs is a great way for dogs to maintain an active lifestyle, even if you don’t always have the time to exercise at home.

It Keeps Their Joints Active and Exercised

On average, a dog lives 12 to 15 years, according to the Amercia Kennel Club. After age 7, your dog enters middle to old age, which is the age where your dog’s joints are going to get stiffer. The best way to forestall this is to help them get exercise and move those joints and the muscles around them.

It Alleviates Boredom and Improves Mental Health

A dog who sits inside all day is getting bored as its mind is so used to the surroundings. Walks not only helps your dog get out of the indoor environment but also stimulates their mind. Dogs have a chance to examine and experience new things on a walk or at the dog park. No cage dog boarding services expand this as well because their dog yards are set up like dog parks, and can be a great place for your dog to play and run around while you’re away.

It Socializes Your Dog

Dogs are social creatures and need an outlet for their social energies. Not only does exercise give a dog a chance to meet other dogs but also other humans. No cage dog boarding helps too, with doggie daycare where they will get to play with other dogs and caretakers during their stay.

Puppies have a special need for exercise, especially off-leash time. Keeping your furry best friend healthy is something all owners want, and you can do just that by helping them improve their exercise routine. Call our doggie daycare to get your pet enrolled and better socialized and get the exercise they need today.

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