3 Essential Dog Care Tips

dog care

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According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association, 70% of U.S. households own a pet. As a pet owner, you must do your best to care for your animal. You can go as far as taking your dog to a dog day care when you are out of town or making sure they exercise regularly. There are countless things you can do to provide the best possible care for your furry friends, but these three essential dog care tips should be enough to get you started.

1. Look Into Dog Day Care

Dog day care is an excellent option for any dog owner who has to spend a significant amount of time out of town. Not everyone has a friend or family member they can rely on to help them take care of their dogs when they aren’t available. You should ensure that you are making the proper accommodations for your pet when you have to take a trip. Research for daycares around you to find one you can trust to care for your dog while you’re gone.

2. Regular Visits to the Veterinarian

If you are planning to commit to owning a dog, you need to be prepared to take your dog for regular visits to the vet. Your dog will need regular checkups to ensure they are healthy from year to year. They will need regular vaccinations. And they will need to be taken to the vet if they seem to be acting out of character or have come down with an unexpected illness. You should prepare to make regular vet trips to ensure that your dog’s health is in the best condition possible.

3. Prioritize Exercise

Dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy. Daily walks are a good routine to get into as a dog owner. You should schedule some time outside daily so your dog can run around and blow off steam. Consistent exercise will allow your furry friend to remain strong and healthy for as long as possible.

As a dog owner, it’s important that you take excellent care of your animal. If you have questions about bringing your dog to daycare or boarding your pet under the best care possible, contact Fun City Dogs today! We offer so many great services your dog will be sure to love.

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