3 Essential Tips for Bathing Your Dog at Home

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There is a reason why people refer to dogs as their fur babies. Let’s face it, a man’s best friend is a part of the family and sometimes feels like a child. Like little children, dogs may not always take bath time well, as any owner or dog grooming professional will tell you. The pet grooming sphere in the pet industry has increased at a yearly rate of 4.3% over the last five years, resulting in a $9.2 billion growth, according to WebinarCare. With all this experience, they’ve mastered the art of managing when dogs have temperamental moments in the bath. Here are three essential tips for bathing your pup from professional groomers.

1. Get the Right Shampoo

Before you start bathing, check that you have the proper shampoo for your dog. Don’t make the mistake of using human shampoo to bathe a pup. There are special shampoos for dogs, specially meant for their sensitive skin and their canine hair. Remember, dogs also have to deal with fleas and ticks, so getting the right shampoo to deal with those issues is important. The next time you visit a dog grooming professional, ask for their advice on the best shampoo to use at home for your specific breed.

2. Be Gentle and Slow

Be mindful that even the largest dogs may be trepidatious during the initial dog grooming process. That’s why it’s important to be very gentle and start slowly during the bath. Start wetting their body from the bottom up. You want them to adjust to the feel of running water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot; it should be lukewarm. As you apply shampoo, massage it in a circular motion and keep it away from their eyes and ears. Do your best to avoid shampoo near the dog’s eyes due to irritation. Many breeds are prone to ear infections, so be extra careful about getting that area wet.

3. Rinse and Dry

Canine skin is very sensitive, so rinse off all leftover soap residue that may cause irritation or flaking. A grooming professional often uses air dryers at low temperatures. If you’re at home, a regular blow dryer might be too much for the pop, but you can test it out on low to see if the dog is comfortable. Otherwise, start by towel drying, and make sure your dog is completely dry before you let them go back outside.

As any dog grooming professional will tell you, keeping your dog clean is vital to their health and hygiene. Use these tips to wash your dog at home, and contact Fun City Dogs to make an appointment for professional grooming services!

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