The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

doggy daycare

As a dog parent, you may need to explore your doggy daycare options. Doggy daycare provides several benefits for you and your pup, from socialization opportunities to exercise. Let’s look at some key advantages of enrolling your pup in a dog daycare program. 1. Socialization With Other Dogs Your pup gets to socialize with numerous […]

The Basics of Dog Grooming Services

dog grooming

Dog grooming services are vital for keeping a dog healthy and happy. Grooming not only helps keep a dog clean but it can be instrumental in preventing skin problems and other health issues. It also helps maintain a dog’s coat, keeping it looking and feeling its best. A professional groomer can provide the perfect haircut […]

Dog-Friendly Businesses and Places in Minneapolis

It’s no secret that Minneapolis is full of dog-lovers. In fact, The Swiftest ranked Minneapolis as the 12th most dog-friendly large city in the United States in 2022. The love Minnesotans have for their dogs know no bounds, which explains why the city caters to dogs of all shapes and sizes. For dog parents looking […]

3 Tips for Leash Reactive Dogs

Your dog may be a complete sweetheart at home, very welcoming of all new human and canine guests. But when you grab his leash and head out on a walk, he becomes aggressive when encountering strangers – dogs and humans alike. This is known as leash reactivity. By definition, leash reactivity is an involuntary emotional […]

Dog Daycare Add-on

We will be begin offering three additional add-ons throughout the daycare day. Stuffed Kongs at lunchtime, a 15 minute individual walk, or a 15 minute ball session. You can sign up for any of these add-ons.